Kalinga International MUN

Kalinga International MUN

5 hours

10 am onwards

8th -9th June 2024

Family Friendly

Odiya, Hindi, English


Join us for the biggest Model United Nations event in Odisha, the "Kalinga International Model United Nations 2024"! Engage in stimulating debates, diplomatic negotiations, and global cooperation as delegates tackle pressing global issues. Don't miss this enriching and enlightening experience! Register now and be part of shaping the future! #KalingaMUN2024

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Kalinga International MUN
Kalinga International MUN

Odisha's biggest MUN

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Experience diplomacy and global cooperation at its finest at the "Kalinga International Model United Nations 2024," the biggest Model United Nations event happening in Odisha!

Join us for an immersive and enlightening simulation of international affairs, where delegates from across the globe will come together to discuss, debate, and formulate solutions to pressing global issues.

From honing your negotiation skills to understanding complex diplomatic processes, Kalinga International MUN promises an enriching experience for all participants. Don't miss this opportunity to step into the shoes of world leaders and make a difference.

Register now and be part of shaping the future!

General Terms:

a. All the delegates are requested to follow the rules and regulations of the organising team.

b. Delegate Fee: The delegate fee for KIMUN 2024 is INR 1200 for Single Delegation and INR 2000 for Double Delegation. This fee covers your participation in the conference, access to committee sessions, conference materials, Food and other resources.

c. The Core members of the conference are the only individuals empowered to make exceptions to any of the rules mentioned as a part of all the policies listed in this document.

d. None of the core members will be held liable for any promises/ exceptions made by other members of the Organizing Committee regarding the conference.

e. Interpretation of conference policies is sole discretion of the core members and no other organising committee members of the Model UN.

f. Consumption or possession of drugs and/or alcohol will not be entertained even in the smallest of proportions. If any delegate is found in possession of alcohol or drugs, that member will be asked to leave the conference immediately. An official letter from KIMUN will also be sent to the said parents. Violators of this policy may be criminally liable according to local, state, and federal laws regarding the violation.

g. Cigarette smoking is not permitted within the premises.

h. Neither the Core members nor the organising committee is responsible for belongings left in the conference.

i. During the sessions, the delegates are expected to exercise diplomatic courtesy when addressing other participants of the conference and the dais. No use of slang or informal terms would be entertained. In addition, members are also requested to be polite to all the logistics, press and other miscellaneous Organizing Committee members.

j. A delegate will not use the conference name to fulfil its own personal commitments. If any delegate is found doing the same, he/she will be immediately removed from the conference and will

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Cancellation / Refund Policy

Tickets once booked aren't cancellable